Our Collaborators

We collaborate with many different research groups who provide skills in different areas, to help us complete our studies of emerging viruses. Some of those we have worked with are listed below.

Susan Hafenstein – Penn State University

We have been collaborating with Susan Hafenstein since she was a post-doc in the Michael Rossmann’s laboratory at Purdue University, and also since she has had her own laboratory at Penn State University. This work has focused on the analysis of the structures and functions of the parvovirus capsid, and its interactions with the transferrin receptor, and with antibodies. Some of the people in her laboratory who we work with include Hyunwook Lee, Lindsay Organtini, Carol Bator, and Suriya Subramanian.

Heather Callaway, Carol Bator, and Susan Hafenstein, examining the grids containing the frozen CPV capsids and transferrin receptor.

Eddie Holmes – University of Sydney.

We have been collaborating with Eddie Holmes’ laboratory since when he was at Oxford, and since then when he was at Penn State, and now at the University of Sydney. His laboratory focuses on studies of viral evolution in the broadest sense. Our projects have focused on the study of virus evolution, including analysis of the evolution of parvoviruses, and more recently the analysis of the evolution of the H3N8 and H3N2 canine influenza viruses

Martin Jarrold – Indiana University.

The studies with Martin Jarrold’s laboratory have focused on the analysis of the CPV capsids using Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry (CDMS). The work has focused on the analysis of the dynamics of antibody Fab binding to the capsids. The results have shown for the first time how the Fabs attach to the virus and the process by which they fill in the 60 available binding sites.